Make your Instagram Essential again with Postagrid®️

Breathe new life into your feed and into your business with Postagrid®️ Essentials.

Create an Instagram grid that is seamless, easy to maintain, simple and fun to develop in just 6 weeks.

Go from overwhelmed, discouraged and out of love with Instagram to calm, confident, inspired and highly visible.


What is Postagrid® Essentials Training?

A 6-week training course where you’ll learn to design, implement, and maintain a Postagrid®️ so your business stands out and WOWS.

In a hugely supportive community of driven business owners, you’ll become familiar with a unique content branding method that allows you to generate incredible content with a distinctive style. You will learn all the skills you need to:

  • Make Instagram work for you.
  • Create content ideas that flow.
  • Get noticed. Increase your followers and engagement.
  • Develop your brand and confidently share your message.
  • Have a clear style and visual identity.
  • Save a ton of time.

Once you have your Postagrid®️, you never have to "design" your content again. All the micro-decisions that take up creative energy and suck up time will already be made, leaving you free to get on with what you need to do. 

Premium Essentials training runs for 6 weeks beginning on 9th May 2022.
The NEW DIY Essentials Course opens on16th May 2022 (see below for details).

No two Postagrids ever look the same.

Postagrid®️ is about YOU, YOUR business and YOUR brand.

It is about YOUR visual impact.

The ONLY course I have ever completed fully and that was down to the incredible support that was there when I was struggling - Totally awesome — Lorna Watkinson.

What if I'm not creative or techy enough?

Don’t worry – it’s all broken down into clear steps and we are here to support you every step of the way. We even help with ideas for content to get you started.

The course is divided into six clearly defined units. Each unit contains a series of small modules so you don’t have to sit through any long training videos.

No matter how you learn, the units are in a format to suit you. There are tutorials, activities, and downloadable PDFs. Visual, auditory, and written learning styles are all taken care of.

We want you to Winstagram!*

*WARNING - We regularly use bad puns. 🤦‍♀️😂

What do you get?

Includes all the basics you need to design, create, implement, and maintain your very own Postagrid®️.

6 units of training - using a wide variety of teaching methods, including live coaching, workbooks, PDFs, videos - something to suit everyone*

You will receive certification and a personal licence so you can use the Postagrid®️ system on your Instagram profile.

6 weeks of guided learning sessions - a chance to dig deep, hot-seat your business and get support from Colette as you develop and test your Postagrid®️(Premium only).

The vibrant Postagrid®️ community – one of the huge benefits for our existing Postagridders is the incredible support they receive (Premium only).

We encourage you all the way along – plus you stay in the community for 12 months when the training finishes AND get access to additional training (not available on the DIY option).

*Access to the pre-recorded training continues for as long as the course exists.

Which option is best for you?

We know everyone learns differently, that's why we have introduced TWO ways to access Postagrid®️ Academy, Essentials DIY and Essentials Premium.

Both options give you the tools and learning you need to design and create your own Postagrid®️. Below, we'll outline how each works.


If you’re the kind of person who prefers to go it alone, we also have an option for you.

 This is ideal for people who prefer to learn at their own pace. You don’t get access to our lovely community support, but you’ll receive all the pre-recorded tutorials.


These will be drip-fed to you to ensure that you don’t jump ahead and miss any essential learning. Postagrid®️ Essentials is a process, and we’ll ensure that you learn everything you need to create that WOW grid.

The Postagrid®️ Essentials DIY course Includes 6 Units plus a Licence for ONE Instagram Account:

  • Three Content Branding Units
  • Three Postagridding Units
  • Licence for ONE Instagram account
  • Guided Learning
  • Group Coaching
  • 12 Months Community Support
  • PostaPlus Font & Colour Units


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If you're the kind of person who enjoys community, wants some extra support, or even a kick up the whatsit, then Premium is for you.

The Essentials Premium community is small and vibrant, it’s considered one of the biggest perks by existing Postagridders.

Filled with dedicated and driven business owners from across the globe – the support from peers and the team is magical.

Postagrid®️ Essentials Premium Includes 6 Units, plus 3 BONUS Units, and a Licence for THREE Instagram Accounts:

  • Three Content Branding Units
  • Three Postagridding Units
  • Licence for THREE Instagram accounts
  • 6 Guided Learning Sessions
  • Group Coaching
  • 12 months of Community Support
  • ALL PostaPlus Units

(12 payments)

What Our Students Say...

With Postagrid, the learning goes so much further
I enjoy creating new posts
[Postagrid is ] so much more than just a course
The only course I have ever completed
Changed the way I feel about Instagram

Postagrid Essentials is not just another Instagram offering. It’s the training you need to commit to Instagram, develop your brand, and effortlessly present your business differently.

It’s time to stop feeling judged on what you truly offer by having a sub-par Instagram presence.