You have your Postagrid®, you have your content, but formatting, hashtags, and scheduling are sucking you dry. You just wish someone could do it for you, and do it well! Our exclusive Postagrid Done For You service does just that. We take your grid and content, then do the rest.


What is Included?

Your Content Transformed into your Postagrid

You tell us about your content and messaging. Our Postagrid Specialists do the rest.

Comprehensive account set up

You tell us about your business, goals, and dream connections. We do the rest.

Consistent scheduling of posts

The more visible you are the more money you make. But, that takes time. So we do it for you. No more "Agh, I didn't post this week". We do it for you.

Monthly hashtag research and strategy

Postagrid specialists are trained to research the most effective hashtags for your industry. We include a hashtag strategy that gets you seen by your ideal clients. And, we update this monthly to ensure the most up to date and relevant hashtags. No more copying and pasting, no more guessing, and no more hunting for hashtags. We do it for you.

A team of Postagrid Specialists

Our team are extensively trained in Postagrid methods and understand the TLC your grid deserves. So, although you will be assigned someone to care for you and your account, there will always be someone else to look after things, if need be.

The Finer Details:

Postagrid Done For You

  • Postagrid Visual Formatting to showcase your content
  • Profile optimised for Instagram searchability
  • 7 hashtag bundles each month
  • Scheduling with approval system
  • Designated Postagrid Specialist
  • 1-hour onboarding consultation
  • Personalised content library
  • 36 posts per month
  • Minimum 3-month contract
  • £500 Set Up Fee
  • £800 pm

Professional, Personal & Pain-free

Management of Your Postagrid:

Postagrid Specialists know what it takes to make your Postagrid impactful, discoverable, and profitable.

Full understanding of your business, brand, and ideal client as part of an unparalleled service.

Stunning visuals, current hashtags, and consistent scheduling all done for you

Our hand-picked team of specialists are the only people in the world who know the secret sauce behind Postagrid and what makes it work.

Limited spaces are available from February. Sign up today.